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Learn the techniques top salespeople use all the time...

This is an interactive online sales course that teaches the techniques, mindset and tools the best salespeople use to:

  • Engage better potential prospects
  • Convert more "A" prospects to sale
  • Strategically mine existing business more effectively
  • Create structures that automate functions - so your can build momentum

The course is a combination of direct weekly sessions with trainer Nick Muller as well as through access to an online learning platform.

Meandering along with mediocre sales results?

Rollercoaster, or mediocre sales performance is a recurring cycle that keeps us trapped indefinitely

Want more?

Mediocre Sales Results are a symptom of complex underlying problems, and in case you haven't noticed it can feel like trying to pin the tail on a moving donkey while blindfolded. At best it is demoralizing and it seem like a trap you can't seem to get out of.

When you do make a sale, its like the a corner has been turned, however the satisfaction is temporary as the reality arises that your circumstances haven't changed and you're back to the grindstone.

What if there is another way?

What if you could solve the uncertainty of the "limbo to rollercoaster" sales cycle?

Imagine what life would be like with sustainable momentum in sales?

So, if you’re a frustrated sales manager, business owner or salesperson that would like to go from struggling, or fluctuating - ad hoc sales results to adopt a reliable process that produces consistent sales then:

~ Your mission ~

Should you choose to accept it is to learn new skills required to successfully compete in a new era and launch a target-breaking plan within

the next 16 weeks...

so you, (or your salespeople)

win more frequently, find yourself in an effortless flow state more often where selling becomes enjoyable, you express more confidence and authority.


My Story

How I discovered the solution...

Accidentally, after an intensive period of consulting to a National Company I had to restart my consulting business as the only way forward. At the time I had been struggling, then I had a breakthrough, discovering a big piece of the puzzle to sustainable sales. 

This course is a product of that discovery. The process has since been implemented in many company's and used as a model to train Salespeople from Business Owners wanting more personal aptitude in sales to team members struggling to achieve targets. Competent salespeople can gain value redefining their methods as well from:

Course Overview

Why my approach is different

The Big Picture

When you don't have a roadmap, or understanding about where you're up to in the sales process - you can never be sure if the steps you're taking are going to accomplish your objective. Your efforts lack purpose and its difficult to get the snowball started - so you can experience consistent results. 

Defining value is a moving target, however once you understand the principles, selling gains clarity and you know exactly where to apply effort to get a result. 

You may not win every sale, but your selling lands authentically as a genuine intention to match cost with value. 

Having your own personal value pyramid defined as part of your value selling scales provides you with a robust way to assess how to improve each time, getting better with each client interaction - without ever occurring as sleazy, pushy or manipulative. 

Not fully understanding how to communicate value leaves the customer with no other alternative than to assess the value on price, that is a race to the bottom.

  • Onboarding

You will see case studies where other people in different sales situations have integrated the process and gained massive results. You will also gain an understanding about how the leading sales formula has positively impacted their sales performance and an overview of how it works. From that you should be able to begin to speculate about what’s possible for yourself – and set yourself up for the next part of the On Boarding process where we begin setting targets for our work together.

  • Conversion Effectiveness

What motivates buyer behaviour, so you can repeatedly create value in each conversation - over and over again consciously. You will be introduced to the Value Pyramid – an essential part of enabling you to understand why you have had success, or failure during your daily sales activity. This section is essential to turn “buyer interest” into “yes’s”.

  • Lead Generation

The purpose of this section is to create lead generation structures that provide enough leads to complete the sales volume generation section, so you can fulfil on your plan. We will then automate these methods to produce sufficient lead flow of the right kind of prospects, so you no longer need to spend hours and hours endlessly chasing your tail with prospects that aren’t really interested.

  • Integrating Patterns

Many of the tools I use that are easily available like CRM, Dashboards and email platforms like Mailchimp, Active Campaign and Hubspot, Zoho is another to name a few – as well as building your own sales patter, lead gen systems and integrating repeatable, reliable patterns into your daily schedule you will need to diarise and use tools like Google Calendar to make sure your plan is achievable and you have allocated sufficient time for each of the critical components.

  • Consolidate and Execute

A framework in the form of a Templated Plan – I will instruct you exactly how to construct this as well as guide you through a templated tool I use that will give significant clarity around which actions you will need to take and the order to make your plan become a reality.

Video Interview

We personally guarantee your success.

We guarantee that you will make at least $2,000 additional net revenue from the implementation of your sales plan using what you integrate from “The Leading Sales Formula” over the next 6 months, or I will personally PayPal you, or your company the difference - up to $2,000.

Either you can take the guarantee in the form of a refund, of the difference between additional sales (to be determined in the initial outset of the course), or I will offer 1:1 coaching support for up to 2 months after the programme working directly with you.

Bonus Material

Free Audio

Value Based Selling

$97 value
This NLP Audio Accelerator has been designed to massively accelerate your ability to adopt a "Leading Sales Mindset". It allows you to navigate your daily sales interactions effortlessly leading your prospects, or existing customers to win/win solutions that benefit everyone. It is also designed to give you a surge in motivation.

Free .pdf Guide

Implement an overarching framework for Professional Sales Success

How to go from ad hoc, to gain momentum!
Get in touch with me on a weekly basis to go over how you're learning is progressing!

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There is a noticeable shift in my sales effectiveness which has resulted in an average 3 times revenue results.
Jung Chun Entrepreneur
We were awarded the highest growth in sales across 35 locations nationally"
Brad Gurney Business Owner

About Your Instructor

Nick Muller

Nick Muller


Nick Muller is a Business Evolution Advisor, who has sold for most of his working life. Nick supports company's to regain their market leadership by enabling Leaders and Business owners to navigate the ceilings to growth.

This material is the consolidation of the last 20 years of experience and implementation of sales material in practical live situations. 

The market has changed and so has selling. This material will provide the paradigm shifts you need to be competitive in a new era, an era where you can get almost anything you want at the press of a button.

Nick is well connected with Chief Executive Officers in the coaching sector in New Zealand, Australia and in the United States.

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